Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast Review: Delightful Encounter or Tourist Trap?

The Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast – is it worth it? In a word, yes. Our family had a fantastic time at the orangutan experience, even if it wasn’t entirely what we expected and included a few speed bumps along the way – but hey, when does anything go 100% smoothly in Indonesia? Never 🤣

To be clear and transparent right off the bat, this review is not paid for or sponsored in any way. We bought our tickets at full price, we booked and paid for our own hotel room, and we paid for food and souvenirs in the zoo.

The Bali Zoo’s initiative to combine the most important meal of the day with an encounter with playful orangutans

Key Takeaways

  • Breakfast with orangutans at Bali Zoo offers an immersive wildlife experience.
  • The zoo emphasises animal welfare in providing interactive encounters.
  • This attraction gives a unique start to the day for visitors seeking something extraordinary.

The Orangutan Breakfast Experience: An Unbiased Review

The Bali Zoo offers a unique dining adventure that combines a love for animals with the enjoyment of a diverse breakfast buffet. Visitors can expect a delightful morning in the company of adorable orangutans, creating an enchanting experience for both animal lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

What’s Included: Food and Drinks

Guests at the Orangutan Breakfast are greeted with a sumptuous buffet that caters to a variety of tastes. They can indulge in an array of culinary delights, including assorted tropical fruits, fruit juice, waffles, pastries, doughnuts, as well as savoury options like bacon, sausages, eggs, omelettes, noodles, freshly baked bread, and soup.

There are also plenty of drinks to go with the scrumptious breakfast, from a warm English Breakfast tea to a Bali Coffee to a glass of cold water,

For the kids, they have plenty of classic cereals to help them enjoy breakfast. Our five year old smashed down a few bowls of Koko Krunch on his breakfast quest (they’re basically flat Coco Pops) so even though it was a unique breakfast atmosphere, he decided to eat breakfast in the fresh air with an old favourite 🤣 On the other hand, our almost one year old had a hearty breakfast of fresh baked bread and fried rice. Go figure.

The stations are well-organised, ensuring a smooth flow and minimal waiting time for freshly prepared food. To complement the meal, there is a selection of freshly made fruit juices and rich Balinese coffee (I love Balinese coffee and may have had three…), offering a satisfying start to the morning and all with an adorable orangutan just metres away.

Breakfast with Orangutan: A Special Moment

The orangutans are comfortably situated on two platforms adjacent to the dining area, allowing diners to observe their charming antics up close, and trained handlers ensure the orangutans are fed while guests learn about these intelligent creatures.

But here is the second surprise of the day (I’ve put the first in the ‘Planning Your Visit’ section below).

If you turn up expecting your breakfast with orangutan to look like it does in the promotional photo – just you and your family with an adorable orangutan sitting on the fence watching – you’ll be in for a shock as you grab a buttermilk pancake and sit down at a table surrounded by 50-odd other tables and eighty to a hundred others who thought they too were the only people to be eating a full breakfast with orang utans.

Is it naive to think you’re going to be one of a handful of people enjoying such an incredible experience? Probably, but hey, it was how the marketing material portrayed the morning, so…

Anyway, once you come to grips with that, you still have an amazing time. First you fill your plate, then you fill your stomach, then you fill your heart when you get to see these beautiful animals up close (but leave your hat and glasses at the table, they have quick hands!)

Visitors have the opportunity to pose for photographs with the orangutans, providing a lasting memory of the encounter. Professional photographers are on hand to capture souvenir photos, which can be purchased later (Cheesy, yes, but also well worth it). This experience not only allows for delightful interaction with orangutans but also raises awareness about their conservation.

There are also other animals you can feed and take photos with during the breakfast. While the orangutans program is a great main course, the other encounters are a pretty cool side dish. When we were there they had two elephants come to visit, plus various birds, and a porcupine.

Exploring Bali Zoo: A Quick Guide

Visitors to Bali Zoo can anticipate an engaging experience, where a Breakfast with Orangutans offers a unique start to the day. After breakfast, there are plenty of other animal encounters to check out, so budget at least half a day to see everything (if you have more time, even better).

Getting to Bali Zoo: Transportation Options

Guests have several transportation options to access Bali Zoo:

  • Private Car: Hire a car for a comfortable ride and freedom to explore at your own pace.
  • Taxi: Readily available from most areas in Bali, taxis offer a convenient but expensive option.
  • Bali Zoo Shuttle: Some hotels provide a hotel return transfer shuttle service directly to the zoo. Check with your hotel for availability.
  • Motorbike Rental: For the more adventurous, renting a motorbike allows for flexible travel.

Transport recommendations can vary depending on your location in Bali, with private transport often being the most flexible and convenient option if you don’t feel confident riding a scooter.

From Canggu, on a weekday morning in November, the trip took just under one hour.

Planning Your Visit: Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Day

Embarking on the Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast experience is not just about the meal, it’s a chance to engage with endearing primates within a responsible and educational setting. For those plotting their visit, these tips will ensure a day filled with fascinating encounters and joy.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few things that surprise first-time breakfast-goers! After booking, the ticket and instructions said to arrive at 8am with the last entry at 8.30am. Thanks to traffic delays (we had a private driver, not a hotel pick up), a common thing in Bali, we arrived at 8.10am and thought we would head straight to the breakfast.


Staff are on hand to guide guests to the ticket counter where you collect your wrist bands which also act as zoo admission, then you’re guided to the entrance. From there you follow the signs to walk past the deer, past random other fauna and chirpy birds, then to the free shuttle bus terminal. Buses seem to come about every 10-15 minutes but it feels like longer when you believe you’re going to miss the 8.30 cut off!

After taking a short ride on the shuttle bus, you walk over the elephants and finally arrive at the breakfast area, where you find out it doesn’t matter what time you get there, as long as it is before they finish at 10am 🤣

Other Animals: From Exotic Birds to Komodo Dragons

Beyond the Orangutans, Bali Zoo is home to a collection of wildlife including vibrant birds and the prehistoric Komodo dragon. Visitors should anticipate meeting a wide array of species, from the friendly deer that may greet them at the entrance to the chance of feeding regal lions and tigers. Participation in such interactions supports the zoo’s conservation message: Love. Conserve. Share.

You can book these encounters in advance via the Bali Zoo website, or if available, you can book them when you collect your ticket from the check-in counter at the zoo entrance.

On the day we arrived the tickets to feed the tiger were sold out for the day, however, at the tiger enclosure we were able to pay cash there and then. Just a common thing for Bali really 🤣

Likewise at the Elephant Pool you could pay 50k cash for a basket of vegetables and feed whichever elephant was hungry for a snack.

bali zoo orangutan breakfast review elephant feeding 2
bali zoo orangutan breakfast review elephant food

Educational Opportunities: Learning About Wildlife

Guests are encouraged to enrich their understanding of wildlife through various educational offerings. These moments, such as learning about the importance of mud baths in regulating an elephant’s body temperature during the Elephant Mud Fun, underscore the zoo’s mission toward wildlife education and the significance of conservation.

Souvenirs and Shopping: The Gift Shop

At the gift shop, visitors can find mementoes that commemorate their unique experience. From plush toys replicating the beloved animals to locally crafted goods, these souvenirs also support the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts.

While the money goes to a good cause, let’s be real, it is all over priced, especially the plush toys. So budget extra funds for a purchase that isn’t great value for money, or deal with a tantrum, the choice is yours…

Facilities: Restrooms and Nursing Areas

The zoo is equipped with necessary facilities such as restrooms and areas for nursing parents to ensure comfort during your stay. Fun fact, the air conditioners in the toilets at both the Kampung Sumatra Food Court and Central Food Village are ice cold, so they’re perfect for a bit of respite as the humidity ramps up.

It’s recommended to dress in clothes suitable for outdoor adventures and consider the size of locker areas when packing.

Something we didn’t know, and found out the hard way, is if you need a pusher/stroller for a small child, you need to book them in advance. Not having one made it a tough day for all of us 😳

Accessibility: Options for Those with Disabilities

Accessibility for all guests is a priority, with options available to accommodate those with disabilities. Those with particular accessibility needs should reach out to the zoo ahead of their visit to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Jungle Splash: A chance for kids big and small to cool off

After an immersive encounter with the animals, families can retreat to Jungle Splash for a refreshing and fun-filled cool down in the splash park. It is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the tropical climate, suitable for both the young and the young at heart. For us, after an early start and carrying a baby around in the heat, a cool down really was the perfect ending to our day at the zoo.

You need to hire towels and a cabana to sit in, but the prices are reasonable and the shade is welcome. The changerooms are clean and the whole area is safe for kids to run around in.

bali zoo orangutan breakfast review jungle splash

Best Times to Visit and What to Bring

Planning your visit to the Bali Zoo’s Orangutan Breakfast involves considering factors like crowd management, weather, attire, and essentials.

Crowd Levels: When to Visit to Avoid Congestion

Visitors seeking a more serene encounter with the orangutans should consider an early morning visit. The experience begins at 8 am, and arriving promptly can help bypass larger crowds that tend to form later in the day. Weekday visits can also result in a less crowded environment compared to weekends.

Weather Considerations: Best Times to Go

Bali’s tropical climate means mornings are typically cooler, with light morning fog, making the early hours ideal for the Orangutan Breakfast. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast before your visit to avoid the midday sun and sporadic rain, common in this region. If visiting during the wet season, from November to March, early attendance is particularly recommended.

What to Wear and Bring: Dress Code and Other Tips

When visiting the Bali Zoo for the Orangutan Breakfast, comfortable clothing and sensible footwear are a must for navigating the pathways between animal shows with ease. Given the open-air setting, it’s wise to include:

  • Sun protection: broad-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and SPF sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent: to keep the bugs at bay.
  • Reusable water bottle: to stay hydrated sustainably.

Expect warmth but also be prepared for occasional showers by packing a lightweight raincoat or poncho. If you’re visiting Bali during wet season, it rains in the morning more often than not, so there is a good chance you will get wet.

Bali Zoo Tickets: Pricing and Booking Secrets

If you’re looking to have breakfast with orangutans at the Bali Zoo, you’ll need to get your hands on the right tickets – but the pricing and booking can be confusing if you don’t know where to look.

Booking in Advance: Should You Reserve Online?

Booking your Bali Zoo tickets online secures your spot and often involves less hassle than purchasing at the entrance. Online reservations ensure that visitors can plan their day around this exciting encounter with orangutans, and sometimes, advance booking comes with a price advantage.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Travellers should keep an eye out for exclusive online deals when planning to visit Bali Zoo, especially if aiming for the Orangutan Breakfast experience. Discounts can often be found for early bird bookings or group packages. Occasionally, special promotions may also be offered through the zoo’s social media channels, where they are active and frequently update visitors with the latest offers.

  • Early Bird: Consider booking early to access reduced rates.
  • Group Discounts: Travelling with family or friends? Look out for group savings.
  • Social Media Offers: Follow Bali Zoo on platforms like Instagram for potential exclusive deals.

Culinary Delights and Wildlife Interactions

The Orangutan Breakfast at Bali Zoo presents a culinary adventure where guests can enjoy a full breakfast surrounded by the remarkable presence of orangutans. Visitors should check the inclusions such as hotel return transfers and morning tea or coffee that are often part of the package, providing convenience and value.

  • Inclusions: Hotel return transfer, morning tea, coffee, full breakfast, zoo admission, and animal show.

Beyond Breakfast: Top Attractions at Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo offers an array of interactive wildlife encounters beyond their unique breakfast experience. These up-close meetings with various species are tailored to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tiger Encounters

When we arrived at the zoo entrance, we were sad to find out that all the tickets for tiger encounters were sold for the day.


This is Indonesia, and in Indonesia, they do things a little bit differently…

We wanted to see the tigers anyway, because tigers are cool. When we got to their enclosure there was nobody around, except for a local who didn’t look to be a staff member as he wasn’t in the Bali Zoo shirt all the other team members were wearing.

But he asked if we wanted to feed the tiger, which of course we did, and he said it was 50k IDR. As we fished about for the money, he fished about for a steak, and he put it on a metal pole.

I handed him the crisp blue note, and he handed our five year old a pole with a steak on it.

At this point a massive tiger who we hadn’t noticed but clearly knew what was up walked over to the spot where the pole goes through, and got ready to feast.

The power and speed of the tiger were awe-inspiring, so naturally we handed over another 50k to do it again.

In hindsight, we didn’t stop to think if any of this was good for the tiger, because in the moment all other thoughts go out the window.

bali zoo orangutan breakfast review tiger feeding

Meerkat Encounters

The meerkat encounters at Bali Zoo are a hit with animal lovers of all ages. Guests can get up close and personal with these curious creatures, providing a delightful insight into the social nature of the meerkat colonies. Engaging with these animals in person gives visitors a fascinating look at the intricacies of meerkat life and social structure.

Tickets for the meerkat encounters are one of the optional choices you can buy when checking in at the zoo entrance and are one kind of experience not to be missed.

The zoo keeper helps kids to get into (and out of!) the enclosure, and sets everything up to make sure parents get those perfect Instagrammable images for their feed.

bali zoo orangutan breakfast review meerkat feeding

Bali Zoo Ethical Practices: A Critical Look

When considering the Bali Zoo, it’s imperative to explore how their practices align with animal welfare and conservation efforts. The Zoo has established a unique experience that revolves around a close encounter with orangutans during breakfast, fostering a connection between humans and animals.

Animal Welfare and Conservation Efforts

Bali Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare is showcased in its collaboration with conservation programs and its approach to creating experiences such as the breakfast with orangutans. They ensure that the activities are designed to be non-stressful and enriching for the animals, whilst enabling an educational component for visitors. Orangutans, as endangered species, receive special attention, with conservation at the forefront of the Zoo’s mission.

Through these efforts, guests can enjoy a meal in the presence of these magnificent creatures, learning about the importance of orangutan conservation in a setting that prioritises their well-being. Bali Zoo aligns with several guidelines to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all its residents, aiming to foster a deeper respect for wildlife.

By participating in the breakfast with orangutan experience experience, visitors contribute to the Zoo’s conservation efforts, which in turn support initiatives to protect orangutans and their habitats in the wild. The encounter is carefully monitored to ensure it remains enjoyable for both the orangutans and the guests, exemplifying the Zoo’s ethical approach to wildlife tourism.

Nearby Attractions: Combining with Other Activities

Visitors to Bali often seek to maximise their itineraries by visiting multiple attractions in one area. The Bali Zoo’s Orangutan Breakfast experience can be paired with other nearby activities for a full day of adventure and cultural immersion.

Additionally, you can combine a trip to the zoo with a visit to the nearby Blangsingah Glass Bridge, offering panoramic views and a fresh perspective of the island’s natural beauty.

We stayed at the hotel at the zoo called The Sanctoo Villas & Spa which were beautiful. Though we went to the zoo first, then to the hotel. What we didn’t realise is if you go to the hotel first, your zoo admission (but not the orangutan experience or Elephant Mud Fun) are included in your booking.

Final Thoughts: Is the Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast Worth It?

For those wondering whether the Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast is worth the early start, the unique experience of dining alongside these fascinating creatures memories that will last a lifetime.

The Orangutan Breakfast certainly offers a distinctive start to the day that engages children and adults alike, providing educational encounters with one of the most intelligent primate species. After breakfast with orangutan, guests can explore the rest of the Bali zoo experience or venture out to other nearby attractions, enhancing their experience in Bali.

Bali Zoo Orangutan Breakfast – Frequently Asked Questions

The Bali Zoo offers a unique opportunity for visitors to have breakfast with orangutans, providing an intimate experience with these intriguing primates. This section covers some common inquiries to help visitors make the most of their visit.

Is breakfast with the orangutans in Bali?

Yes, visitors to Bali can enjoy breakfast with orangutans at the Bali Zoo. It’s an exceptional experience that allows for close-up encounters with these intelligent animals in a beautiful setting.

What time is breakfast with the orangutans?

Breakfast with the orangutans typically starts at 8:00 AM and lasts until approximately 10:00 AM. Attendees should check in by 8:30 AM to enjoy the full experience.

How long do you need to spend in the Bali Zoo?

To get a comprehensive experience, it’s advisable to plan for at least half a day at the Bali Zoo. This allows ample time to enjoy breakfast with orangutans and explore other exhibits.

Can you feed the elephants at Bali Zoo?

Yes, visitors have the opportunity to feed the elephants at Bali Zoo for 50k IDR. This is one of the many interactive experiences that the zoo offers to engage guests with the wildlife.

What is the difference between Bali Zoo and Bali Safari?

Bali Zoo is a traditional zoo where guests can have interactions like breakfast with orangutans. Bali Safari is more of a safari experience, with animals roaming in more extensive, open environments.

Is Bali Zoo or Bali Safari better?

Both Bali Zoo and Bali Safari offer unique experiences; whether one is better than the other depends on the preferences of the visitor. Some may prefer the hands-on interactions available at Bali Zoo, like the breakfast with orangutans, while others might favour the larger-scale safari experience at Bali Safari. Both are a great opportunity to get outside Kuta and enjoy a new experience in Bali.

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