Health & Fitness

The best health & fitness spots in Bali are some of the local’s best-kept secrets, and are well worth venturing off the beaten track to find.

what is bali belly? understanding the causes and treatments

What Is Bali Belly? Understanding the Causes and Treatments

Bali Belly is a term commonly used to describe a range of gastrointestinal symptoms experienced by travellers in Bali and other regions in Indonesia. These ...
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Do I Need Reef Boots In Bali?

When planning a beach or surfing holiday, a common question arises: 'Do I need reef boots in Bali?' The short answer is yes, especially for ...
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Can You Surf In Bali As A Beginner?

You've always been enchanted by the rhythmic dance of surfers riding the waves, and now you're wondering if Bali could be the place where you ...
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What Month Is Best To Surf In Bali?

Bali boasts crystal clear waters and warm temps - ideal for surfers! From rookies to pros, the tropical island offers endless wave-catching chances. When to ...
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Which Beach Is Best For Surfing In Bali?

Best Surfing Beaches in Bali Bali, an Indonesian island, is a dream destination for surfers from all around the world. It has several amazing beaches ...